Somebody likes cake!

On Saturday we invited our son’s friends (well, at that age it’s more our friends who have kids his age) to the park for some fun at the playground, a picnic and some cake to celebrate our toddler’s birthday. We had a great time: it was cloudy and cool, but it didn’t rain, and the park was almost deserted except for us. We had also asked people to, if possible, avoid driving there: it’s right by the bus stop, on a bus-designated street… Some of our guests took the hint, and of course that meant we had to bike, too! Zak had the baby in the trailer, the cake in a cooler on the back of his bike and some extra clothes in his rear panniers, and I had panniers full to the brim with our lunch, some food to share, plates and cutlery, juice and water, a blanket to sit on… We were loaded! Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo.

Zak worked all week on the ice cream cake, and we read online that ice cream cakes don’t survive in a cooler with only ice packs, so on Friday he went and bought 20 pounds of dry ice (which he brought back home on his bike with the baby in the trailer as well… lots of exercise!). The problem is, when we took the cake out, it was frozen solid, so much so that we had to wait for about half an hour before we could cut it! The road Zak had drawn on it with fudge sauce was frosted and looked white instead of brown-black. But luckily, the kids were able to eat the “boulders” that decorated it (chocolate cookies) while waiting for the cake to thaw.

Birthday cake

Zak went all out: he baked cookies to crumble up for the crust, made two flavors of ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) and prepared fudge sauce to put in the middle with another layer of crumbled cookies. It was delicious! Our son agreed: I gave him a plate with cake and a fork, and he handed the fork back to me almost right away: “I use my fingers now.” He then held his piece of cake, nibbling on it and licking it, for about 10 or 15 minutes, without ever putting it down despite the fact that his fingers must have been frozen!

Mor cake…

The perk of the dry ice is we were able to bring the cake back home still frozen solid, which means we have delicious leftovers. Maybe next time we’ll have to find an in-between solution… Oh well. Overall, the birthday was a success for all involved, and the small dump truck that decorated the cake (and the digger that we bought with it) has become one of his favorite toys. Like we didn’t have enough of those in the house!

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