Am I stifling my son’s creativity?

Zak gave me a call at work today. He was trying to buy some rubber boots for our son to wear in the rain, and he wanted to know my opinion on a delicate matter. Our son had picked some red boots with ladybugs all over them. They are very feminine. But those are the ones he wanted.

What to do?

I took a look at the Web site and to be honest, the boots were really quite feminine and definitely not super beautiful. And they had some much cuter ones at the store. So I suggested that Zak try to steer him away from the ladybugs and convince him that the dinosaur or frogs ones were better. But if that if it didn’t work, it wasn’t the end of the world to buy the ladybugs.

I really hope our son changed his mind, but I also feel guilty about my reaction. He’s two, right, so I shouldn’t care about him wearing feminine looking boots. It’s not even like he’ll get teased in school, he doesn’t go to school! But still, I would rather see him in dinosaur boots.

Am I ruining my son’s life by not allowing him to show his feminine side?

4 Responses to “Am I stifling my son’s creativity?”

  1. Anne Says:

    Does he at least have a doll?

  2. Sophie Says:

    Not even… But we’ve been talking about getting him one for a while, we should get on it!

  3. ta vieille mère Says:

    je pense que ce qui compte, quand on est si petit et que personne ne rit de nous, c’est d’avoir droit à ce qu’on aime et j’aurais acheté les bottes qui, bien que féminines dans votre optique, ne le seraient pas nécessairement pour tous, mais bon, l’important c’est qu’il aime ses bottes je suppose! et si vous avez réussi cela, tout en choisissant celles que vous préfériez, c’est parfait

  4. Sophie Says:

    Je crois que ce serait dur de ne pas trouver ces bottes féminines, mais bon, comme je l’ai dit, on a quand même fini par les acheter, ses bottes coccinelles, parce que nous aussi on trouvait qu’il fallait bien lui montrer qu’on respecte ses goûts et ses choix. Et puis les bottes sont quand même plutôt mignonnes et tout le monde se fait un devoir de le lui souligner, alors tout est bien qui finit bien. Je me suis fait un devoir de ne pas mentionner devant lui pourquoi on avait des doutes quant à la beauté des bottes…