Two years…

Our son is turning two today. It’s pretty amazing how fast babies grow. I know, it’s cliché. But two years and nine months ago, two tiny cells collided so that today, a toddler with his very own personality can tell me what he does and does not want. Two years ago, when he was born, he was really just a larvae still… A not fully finished product with a lot of growing to do before becoming a fully functional human being. Of course, the growing never ends.

For now, even though he can make long sentences and often decides that he does not want to do what we ask him to do, he still wants hugs from his parents, he still allows me to hold his hand in public (at least most of the time) and he still thinks mommy milk rates pretty high among yummy things in life (although chocolate ice cream cake is definitely higher on his list). In the coming year, we will have to wean him, potty train him and help him through the last of his toddler years before he becomes a preschooler, already. But we’ll enjoy our baby while we have him. I want to be sure that when, at 15, he refuses to talk to us, or wears pants 5 sizes too big, or stops bathing, I’ll have dear to my heart these images of a smiling toddler being cuddled to bed to help me weather the storm.

I want to remember forever how he likes to play with my hair as I am nursing him, remember the sound of his voice waking me up in the morning asking that I go “sopen the door” of his room, remember him twirling around to make himself dizzy. I want to remember his first words last summer, his first real steps at the airport on our way back from Quebec last July, his first camping trip, his first bike ride, his first taste of fruit taken straight from the tree last September in Kelowna, his first Halloween dressed like a chicken, his first real Christmas unwrapping presents, the first time he played in the snow, his first visit to Tofino, his first Easter chocolate, the first time he coasted down a grassy hill on his run bike. There were so many firsts in the past 12 to 15 months that I’m sure to forget so many. There are also a lot more to come.

When you’re two, everything is new, everything is exciting. Small things can make you break down in tears, but smaller things, still, can bring your small back. Last year, I was going back to work, leaving home with Zak a baby whose personality was still just beginning to show. This year, I have a toddler who has won an even more important place in my life and my heart by his own merit, because he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he teaches me to relax and to play and to have fun, he teaches me patience, he teaches me life. I could never overstate how truly amazing a job Zak has done with him, developing his vocabulary by holding long, complicated conversations with him, taking him to so many places, inventing games for him or with him. He has been the most patient of teachers himself, both for our son and for me, and with him at home I know that our son is being cared for by the best person for the job.

Ok, I’ll stop before I start crying.

As a side note, for those who still bother logging in to the Website, I swear that our son didn’t stop growing when he was 6 months old, we just never updated the photos past that date. I guess we are too busy. We still should do it. But in the meantime, we are living our life fully instead of just posting it. Sorry!

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