Heat Wave

Vancouver is under an unusual (and frankly, quite unbearable) heat wave. The air is so still that the sky is getting hazy from the pollution. We are beating all sorts of records. It’s not often, here, that you get temperatures in the 30s for one or two weeks in a row. People are not used to it, nobody has air conditioning, pools are not a-plenty… So today, while I will be sitting in my air conditioned office with a fleece on, I will have a thought for all who suffer from the heat. Especially my neighbor who just gave birth (to a beautiful girl) and will now be stuck with a breastfeeding baby boiler on her for what will, no doubt, feel like 24 hours a day.

I also have a though for my best friend who went on a cruise in the South because she couldn’t put up with the rainy summer they were having in Quebec. She should have come to visit us: it would have been cheaper, yet just as warm. A tiny bit less exotic maybe, but she could have taken a ferry boat instead of a cruise ship…

In the meantime, we are putting our spray bottles to good use. Our apartment is quite warm, so a lot of our neighbors meet up in the courtyard, where it’s a tiny bit cooler (or if not, there’s always the water hose). We had supper there last night with everyone. We may be warm, but at least we have a community spirit!

I would be looking forward to winter if it wasn’t that everyone will then be complaining about the rain and the cold!

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