66 years of marriage

Zakary’s great-aunt, whose life we celebrated last Thursday, passed away one month shy of her 90th birthday and a few days before her 66th wedding anniversary. The elderly couple lived in an assisted living facility where they had their own apartment and were relatively self-sufficient. Although a bit slower than he himself wishes he was, Zakary’s great-uncle is still all there mentally, and his wife only lost some of her wit in the past few years. They were loving and he took great care of her. They would walk hand in hand wherever they went.

Celebrating the long life they spent together, the daughter they raised, the grandchildren they adored, the work they achieved, made me wish Zakary and I make it that far. On our 66th wedding anniversary, I will be 96 and he will be just short of 94. In these days and ages, it is totally possible we could make it there. Or we may not. I hope that if we do make it to this ripe old age, we will still be walking on the beach hand in hand (and making our children swear under their breath because they would prefer us to sit quietly in the shade). If we make it there, I hope I will be speaking French with my great-grandchildren.

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