Saturday night, we put our son to bed and went back to other occupations. Zak was doing dishes, I was at the computer. All of a sudden, I heard a small voice that sounded an awful lot like that of my son. I figured it was neighbor’s kid in the courtyard. But then I heard it again.

- Hold the hand to go downstairs!

Yup. It was my son who had managed to open his bedroom door for the first time, and he was nicely waiting at the top of the stairs for us to help him come down (as we ask him to do since he tends to tumble down otherwise). When we climbed up to join him, he said:

- Baby nap all done! I go downstairs now.

It was 8:30. I put him back to bed and shut the gate at the top of the stairs, just in case, and he stayed there.  Until 3 in the morning, when he opened his door again and then opened up ours. I slept through it, Zak pretended he was sleeping and our escape artist went back to bed without even trying to wake us up. Until 5:30 in the morning, when he came back to see if we were awake. We both pretended, and he slept for another hour.

Last night, we heard him rummage with the door, but I guess he was too tired to successfully open it up. He managed to do it, however, at 6:30 this morning. But it was a decent wake-up time so we all got up with him.

Let’s just hope he gets bored of this game soon. It’s not too bad here, but we are supposed to go to Kelowna for a funeral soon, and we wouldn’t want him rummaging through the house where we’ll be staying. Of course, that’s if we can go there despite the wildfires raging through the area. But that’s another story!

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