Short blurbs…

We had a great time last week with Zak’s family and our little chatterbox. Our son gets more and more funny every day. Just a few examples:

He started using the word maybe. For instance, I told him not to blow on the cat’s face because the cat doesn’t like it. So he looked at me and said: “On his back, maybe?”.

He uses the word “use” a lot. Instead of asking if he can have something, or to say he wants to play with something, he’ll just say “baby use it”. Coming back from the shower, naked, he said really loud “Baby use penis” while pulling on it with all his might.

When having a meal, he’ll often start  a whole conversation of “up and down, and up and down, and around and around and around”… Not sure what he’s talking about, but it comes back all the time.

He now pretends to read. When he picks up a book and pretends to read it, it’s always the same gibberish. Same when he “plays” guitar and sings. It may even be a real song, we just can’t recognize it…

He started playing a fun game with his great-grandma of “You say yes, I say no”. At the end of our week there, he would just look at her and yell “NO!”. With a smile, though. It was all a game.

On the ferry ride home, he befriended a little girl. He just kept going to her and saying “Hi!”, and sticking around her. Really cute.

He went to bed by himself in our big tent (two steps away from the cabin, and we have a monitor). When we joined him one night, we found out he had removed his sleeping back and sleep sack (they were in a heap by the entrance), his teddy bear was at the other end of the tent, he had unzipped our sleeping bags and one of the vents, turned on the flashlight and then finally curled up in a ball to try and keep some heat on his mat. Luckily, the tent it high enough that he cannot reach the zippers. Yet.

I wish I had photos to post, but we’re too busy to proccess them. Soon, hopefully!

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