Getting closer…

It’s almost time for the holidays. We’ll soon be leaving for Hornby Island, to spend time with Zak’s parents, sister, aunt and grandmother, then we’ll come back to wash our stuff and repack our suitcases before heading to Montreal and my side of the family. I can’t wait. It will be nice to be off and leave the city, and then it will be wonderful to see my family and especially to have my son spend some time with them. He’ll get 2 weeks of French immersion (he is now old enough to realize that it is French that is spoken on the street, in stores, etc., which will be a welcome chance). And my family hasn’t seen him since last summer: talk about a change! One year in the life of a toddler is an eternity.

So I may not be writing much for the first part of the summer. I’ll be enjoying life instead. My apologies in advance!

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