You know, these things that happen in the blink of an eye?

Sunday, Zak, our son and I biked to a nice park nearby. We played at the playground, then we went down a small hill to a tiny stream that runs through the park. Our son wanted to take his sandals off to dip his feet in the water (and exclaim Brrr!). Then it was time to go have our picnic, so I put his sandals back on. Zak was taking photos on the other side of the stream. Our son got up and started running forward, without looking, as he often does. I was still sitting, and we were about 3 feet away from the stream. By the time I managed to get up (and yell), our boy had already stepped on or near a rock or a log (I didn’t have time to analyse the situation), had slipped and was lying on his back in the very cold water, screaming to the top of his lungs.

We were lucky. First, I was only two steps away from him. Second, it was really warm, so there was no risk of hypothermia. We were able, once our boy calmed down a bit, to strip him down to his diaper, and his clothes dried very fast (and so did mine, although I skipped the stripping part). The water was only 2 or 3 inches deep, so I didn’t get wet from rescuing him, just from cuddling with him until he calmed down. Third, most of all, the only injury we managed to find was on his tongue. He bit it. Hard. It seemed rather painful, but it will heal fast, and it will leave no mark.

But it reminded me once again how things can happen and change so fast. Granted, if it had been a raging river or if it had been -5, we would have kept a closer watch on him. But still, I would have expected him to pay at least some attention to the fact that he was heading towards something that you cannot simply run into. Not at all! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: about a month ago, he ran like that in the courtyard, at home, and went straight down a flight of stairs, landing on his head on the corner of a concrete step. That time, he had been biking a minute before, so he was wearing his bike helmet. He was more scared than hurt. But again, we were lucky. So many bad things can happen to a 2-year-old, it makes me dizzy just to think about it.

So I guess I won’t (think about it) and hope that our luck sticks. As for Sunday, once we got going again and found a treasure (geocaching), our boy started smiling again. At supper, though, he would take a bite and then pause and start crying, I guess when he would bite his tongue again. He seems like new this morning, so let’s hope that we can have a few days without injury now!

2 Responses to “Splash!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Ca m’est arrivé tellement souvent!!! On passe à côté d’une catastrophe!! Particulièrement avec Nana qui est ma casse-cou, celle qui veut tout essayer, et à qui l’enseignement de la prudence ne fait que décupler son envie de tester!!!!! Heureusement que tout s’est bien passé!

  2. sophie Says:

    Comme j’ai dit, j’essaye de ne pas trop y penser, parce qu’il y a tellement de façons pour un tout petit de se casser la gueule… Je ne veux pas me transformer en mère poule, mais chaque fois que j’entends des histoires d’horreur et que je m’imagine perdre mon enfant… Enfin, je pense qu’on ne peut pas vraiment imaginer à quel point ça doit faire mal!