Learning by imitation

One of the most fascinating things I find about raising a toddler is that you become awkwardly aware of your own quirks when you’re suddenly faced with a little mini-you imitating them… One example:

Zak and I don’t usually bother closing the door when we go to the bathroom. So I guess someone has been watching. Our son is now using the potty regularly (only when asked if he needs to, but that’s still pretty good at 21-months old) and often, he’ll ask us for some toilet paper while he’s sitting on his throne, regardless of whether or not he actually peed or pooed. It’s not really meant to wipe himself. When we give him a sheet or two, he bunches them up meticulously in his hand and rests it against his thigh, in what seems to be a well-considered spot, while continuing his business.

I guess we do tend to do that. I mean, we grab the paper before we’re done and hold it there. It’s just so funny when you see your son doing the same thing not because he has a use for it, but just because he saw you do it so it must be the proper thing to do!

Now if only he imitated our table manners, too…

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