The first of many

This morning, my son asked me for the first time: “What’s this?”

It wasn’t such a remarkable conversation. We were in the bathroom, he grabbed the corner of a towel, hung up to dry:

- What’s this?, he asked.
- Une serviette, I replied.
- Maman wash with serviette, he exclaimed.

See, nothing remarkable. But it’s the first time he asks (me, at least, and I don’t think he has asked Zak either) what something is. The thing is, I am an informed parent. I know that soon enough, he will be asking me what everything is, 20 times per hour. And I will be sick of it after a while, especially when he will be asking me about something he knows very well what it is because I have told him 20 times a day for the last 20 days. So that’s why I figure this is a remarkable thing. Because it is announcing a new phase.

My baby is growing so fast!

2 Responses to “The first of many”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Attends qu’il commence à demander “pourquoi?”, ça, c’est la pire phase!!!

    Mais c’est vrai qu’il grandit vite, en tout cas il apprend à parler à une vitesse fulgurante! J’ai bien hâte de vous voir tous les trois. :o )

  2. Why? | Wild in the City Says:

    [...] I knew I had it coming when my son started asking “What’s this”? That was about a year ago – he was not quite two. My cousin commented on that blog post: wait until he starts asking why. She was talking from experience. [...]