Counting my blessings

I never, ever, ever want to be a single mom.

For the past week, Zak has been doing some contract work. But he works full-time already (taking care of our son), which means he has to do his contracts on the night and/or weekend shift while I’m there to take over. He has been making phone calls and trying to tighten loose ends during the day, which means he’s had less time for domestic chores. So my share of the work has increased, and I have had a hard time keeping up with the basics (meals and dishes, with the occasional laundry load).

It has been only a week, but already I am exhausted and the house is a pig sty (no, really… and my standards are pretty low)! Apparently, you still have to eat even when you don’t have time to clean up afterwards. And toddlers seem to have absolutely no sympathy for parents in this situation (mine spilled a bowl of minuscule cereal which is still on the floor as we haven’t had time to vaccuum).

Don’t call Children’s services just yet – we are working on it. There are no rats or cockroaches yet, and I have been washing diapers regularly, at least. But that’s after a week. I can’t imagine living like that all the time – having to pick up my son at daycare and then doing all the household chores by myself. I am soooo glad I’m not a single parent!

I’d better make sure things stay that way…

2 Responses to “Counting my blessings”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Oui, en effet!!! Il y en a qui y arrivent, mais ce sont des gens hyper organisés chez qui tout est prévu, aucun moment n’est perdu… et moi je n’y arrive pas non plus… Mais bon… c’est vrai qu’il est bon de se séparer les tâches!

  2. Sophie Says:

    Disons que si j’étais seule, on mangerait pas mal moins de bouffe maison!