A very useful boy…

This morning, Zak was busy trying to finish a contract. He gave our son the cat food, asking him to feed the cat, which is a task he really likes to do (what could be funner than dumping food from a scoop into a bowl?). He got distracted by his work and when he realized it had been a while and went to see what was happening, he found out that our boy had filled up the entire food bowl AND the water bowl to the brim. Of course, I had just refilled the water bowl so that one had to be disposed of for cause of extreme sogginess. We had a good laugh.

In other matters, Zak really doesn’t like the DS idea. So after reading one of my cousin’s blog , I am looking to follow her exemple by finding a nickname that would fit our son well, so it would feel natural to use it instead of my son’s name while preserving his future privacy. If you have any ideas, make a suggestion in the comments! And yeah, I know, I post photos of him so I’m not doing a great job privacy-wize, but I figure that by the time he’s old enough to care, he won’t look like that anymore. And besides, it’s easier to find someone when you have their name than when you only have a photo. At least that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it (I really don’t want to stop posting photos… He’s so cute!)

2 Responses to “A very useful boy…”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Je suis ton raisonnement totalement! Les photos c’est beaucoup moins privé je trouve, aussi étrange que ça puisse paraître…

    Et je suis contente que l’inspiration soit réciproque! :o )

  2. Sophie Says:

    Ouais, sauf que tu sembles avoir été plus inspirée que moi pour le surnom!