Earth Run

Sunday morning, we headed to Stanley Park for Earth Run. The turn out was quite disappointing, but not unexpected when you consider that the race started at 8 am (registration was at 7, although we got there at 7:50 and barely made it before the start of the race). I suspect the early start was due to the fact that the MS race was happening around the same area a bit later in the morning. Not sure if it was due to bad planning on the part of the Earth run organizers or if it shows the importance devoted to Earth day…

So we had to rush like crazy to make it, and we were not even able to do the whole 5 km as we were with two other families with toddlers and in between the ones who wanted to walk (very slowly and mostly in the wrong direction), the one who fell in a mud puddle (ours of course) and the one who wanted to stop for a snack, we were so far behind the rest that we were strongly suggested to take a few shortcuts so people could clean up behind us. When we made it to the end (not all that far behind the last of the participants), there was almost no food and no goodies bag left.

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous and we were in good company, so we still had fun despite the disappointing event. The kids played at the playground after and we were able to catch up with our friends. One of them is pregnant again and due in July – her son will be 23 months old when the new one arrives. She walked with us despite being tired (and 20 pounds heavier than normal) and she’s still in a pretty good shape! The three boys were really cute and played very well together. And we made it there and back on our bikes without Zak having pain in his knee, which bares well for the future – let’s just hope I don’t jinx it by saying I hope he’s on the mend!

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