I need that!

In the category “Annoying things my son learned to say and shouldn’t have”, the first one was “Mine!”, what seems like eons ago. Fortunately, it didn’t last. The new one, which surprised us this weekend, is “I need that!”, accompanied by some pointing to an object that you or someone else is holding.

He probably got it from the same child who was responsible for the first annoying habit, a bad example all around. We are hoping this phase doesn’t last any longer than the first because it really gets on our nerves.

As for another annoying habit my son picked up this weekend (and this one, really, I don’t know where he got it from!), he decided to pretend that food was soap and to “wash his hands” with it at meal times. Yesterday, it was with sweet potato puree. This morning, it was with applesauce. It wouldn’t be so bad (after all, pretend play is good for his development) if he didn’t also want to wash his face with it, then his hair.

Apart from that, all is well. He’s still charming, even with a sweet potato facial. I just won’t give him the “big hug” he always asks for ;-)

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