The uninvited guest

Last night we had an unexpected visitor on our balcony…

20090309-_mg_9715.jpg 20090309-_mg_9743.jpg

I am talking about the mouse,  of course. The cat WAS invited in, and he seemed to think I was very cruel for noy allowing him OUT onto the balcony. Now our balcony is on the third floor, so we were wondering how the mouse made it here, until it started walking up the brick wall like this was a regular Sunday morning walk.


Not too much later, though, it fell to what we worried was its death. I mean, it’s three floors! But no, according to our neighbours, it was still alive when it landed in the courtyard. Although it was stunned, and as Zak so nicely observed, it may have been slowly dying from internal bleeding, for all we know. But we hope not. As much as I don’t really want a mouse on my balcony (or in my apartment, for all matter), we really enjoyed its visit. DS has been saying “mouse!” and the cat keeps pawing at the window. They are all hoping it comes back… Except for me. I’d rather watch it in the courtyard. Or at the pet store.

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