It flew away!

Have I ever mentioned how fascinated I am by the language learning experiment that is taking place in our household these days?

Ok, I know. I have mentioned it. Time and time again. And I’m getting boring. But hell, it’s my blog. And that’s really all that has happened in my life lately, so I’ll have to talk about it again!

So these days, DS is learning new words every day, several a day. He can string two or three together, usually one of which is a name (“welcome Papa souper”, which means “Thank you Daddy for supper”, for instance). But he is also starting to repeat whole phrases. So far, he doesn’t see them as separate words but as one long entity, but he understands them enough to use them in a context other than the one he learned them in.

For instance, yesterday, the phrase of the day was “It flew away”. It started with Zak using it to describe the “flight” a stuffed toy made when someone (that I will not name here) threw it across the room. But DS also used it when a helicopter flew by our window and then disappeared. He also used it for birds. This morning, he was trying to separate Duplo blocks from one another, and he got frustrated, coming to me and saying “too tight”. Zak says that often, but not in that context.

This morning, I went to the window with DS when he woke up to see if we could see the moon. The moon was nowhere to be seen. It took me a few times to recognize DS’s reply as “y’a trop de nuages”, there are too many clouds. I guess I must say thatmore often than I think.

Despite my toddler’s typical tendency to always want the opposite of what we want, to remove his bib in the middle of supper, to ask for the food we haven’t prepared at every meal,  to get up in the middle of every single diaper change and to lie on the ground in a fit when we insist on him doing something he doesn’t want to do, I have to say: I am having a grand time parenting him. I love this job!

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