18 months

DS turned 18 months last week and it occureds to me that I haven’t given an update on his growth and development in a long, long while. So here it is. According to the doctor, his head now has a circumference of 49 cm, he is 82,5 cm tall and weighs somewhere between 11 and 12 kg (I already forgot, but I know it’s just over 25 pounds). He is, therefore, in the 75th percentile for head circumference and height, and in the 50th percentile for weight. He has received his last vaccines until age 5, he can now run (although still slower than mommy and daddy, thank God!) and he is speaking more and more.

I come back from work every day to one or several new words that he has just started saying. He now puts more than one together, too. For instance, at supper time, I always ask him to say thank you to his dad for cooking a good supper. The other day, totally unprompted, he said “thank you papa souper”. Well, he still says “you’re welcome” instead of thank you, so it was more like “co-come papa souper”, but still! He regularly puts two words together, like “bike baby” to talk about his bike or “grrr papa” when he wants his dad to chase him while pretending he’s a bear or some other wild beast.

Oh, and he has tantrums, too, did I mention it? When we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he lies on his back on the ground (even if we’re in the middle of the street) and starts screaming. Luckily, so far it hasn’t happened too often or lasted for too long and we have just waited him out, but it is definitely not an enjoyable part of parenting a toddler. The other day, he threw something at his dad and hurt him. We insisted on him apologizing (which means giving him a cuddle in a kiss, since “I’m sorry” is not yet part of his vocabulary) and he stubbornly refused for at least 15 minutes, during which he was doing his best to climb up on me to get a hug from me while I was refusing to pay him any attention until he apologized. He finally gave up and our life resumed normally.

But it did make me think of my poor mother who apparently, when my sister was just a little bit older, would sometimes have to wait for hours and then give in because the stubborn little thing just wouldn’t do what asked of her. I am crossing my fingers and my toes and knocking on all the wood around me in hope that DS won’t take after his aunt!

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