You may have noticed it by now, but I have been trying not to use my son’s name in this blog. I don’t know why I hesitate that much. I guess I tremendously value my privacy, and whereas Zak and I have chosen to divulge our first name on this blog, even knowing that anyone around the world can read it, my son cannot make such a decision yet. Not too long ago I read an interesting article about this new blog tendency, where parents talk about their children’s every pee and coo, and it raised the interesting question of the privacy of people who cannot give consent. So although I understand that everyone who knows me knows who my son is, I figure that by not naming him I can – somewhat – preserve his privacy from complete strangers.

But logistically, this sucks. I don’t know how many times I had to erase his name to replace it with “my son” or “my baby” or “my boy”, because I naturally tend to use his name. So I decided that I should find a permanent solution that can shorten my search for synonyms, something that I could get used to and that would become second nature. I don’t think I could get used to a randomly-picked fake name, so instead I found a solution in the parenting forums I visit somewhat regularly.

In these forum, posters refer to their children as DD (dear daughter) or DS (dear son). So from now on, whenever I talk about my baby, he will be called DS.

You are all warned!

6 Responses to “DS”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je comprends pourquoi tu le fais… Je n’avais pas remarqué que tu avais arrêté de l’appeler par son nom, parce qu’au début tu le faisais. Moi, ça ne me gêne pas… Si un jour un de mes enfants me dit qu’il n’aime pas, je changerai peut-être ou retirerai du domaine public les articles qui parlent de lui… mais pour l’instant je m’octroie ce droit… tout en faisant quand même attention à ce que je dis… selon moi!

  2. Anne Says:

    Well, I don’t totally agree with you, since I think my children would want to preserve their privacy not from complete strangers, but mostly from people who know them well. But since, as a mother, you have a strong need to tell everybody everything about your DS, (I’m not making fun of you, every normal mother on earth must do the same, or anyway I do), your son’s privacy can’t and won’t be preserve from family and friends. So what does it matter if Shirley from Australia or Maria from Madrid knows DS needs a diaper or not? I mean, people who don’t know you won’t be able to identify s this little 18 months old genius anyway,even knowing his first name.

  3. Sophie Says:

    Good point Anne… It gives me more food for thought. I guess we created this blog in big part to keep in touch with far-away family and friends who, as you said, would most likely be made aware of this anyway. I’m more concerned about my DS’s school friends or neighbors finding the blog in 10 years and making fun of him then – after all, the Internet is, or can be, everlasting. Sure, with access to our first names, they may find out about it anyway, but most kids don’t know their friends’ parents’ first names, do they?

  4. Anne Says:

    About that your right. Yerterday, I was going to write a longer comment but then I ran out of time. What I wanted to add what that if I was to have a blog, I’d use fake names for the whole family, to protect my children from neighbors and school friends. So in that respect, I think your right.

  5. Docteur Maman Says:

    Tu touches quelque chose qui me chicote depuis que j’ai commencé mon blog, pour justement ces mêmes raisons.J’ai écrit le premier article en appelant Philémon “Fiston” et puis ça ne marchait pas. Je trouvais que son nom faisait tellement partie de sa personnalité… mais un jour, je sens que je vais nous trouver tous des pseudonymes.
    Moi en tout cas, tous les enfants de l’école connaissent mon prénom (à part ceux qui m’appellent Gribouille) mais comme de mon côté, ce sont les noms des parents que j’ai modifié…
    Ah, c’est un questionnement très difficile je trouve.

  6. Sophie Says:

    En plus, dans ton cas, Docteur Maman, il est très improbable que quelqu’un se dise que ce sont peut-être une autre Ophélie et un autre Philémon… Juste par curiosité, j’ai tapé ces deux noms dans Google et ton blog est le premier résultat que j’obtiens!

    Questionnement difficile en effet. Pas particulièrement urgent dans mon cas vu que ça va prendre quelques années avant que mon fils se préoccupe de ce qu’on dit autour de lui, mais quand même. Comme dirait mon mari, rien n’est jamais vraiment effacé d’Internet.