Another milestone!

Saturday we went to Ikea to buy some shelving to try and contain as much as possible the mess created by our baby’s toys. Of course, it didn’t really work since our boy decided that emptying the plastic bins on the floor is the most wonderful game ever. But I digress. What I wanted to say is that while at Ikea, we decided to splurge on a $4 potty.

We are not planning on potty-training our 18-month-old just yet, but he has shown interest on sitting on the toilet before, and when Zak babysat our neighbour he saw her use the potty and wanted to use it too, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to have one on hand. When we came back home, he pulled it out of the bag and asked to sit on it, which of course I let him do. I even convinced him to remove his pants and diaper, since he needed a change anyway. He sat back on the potty naked and, lo and behold, he peed!

I am deeply convinced that this was a coincidence – he was just at the right place at the right time -, but still, he peed on a potty! He – obviously – received plenty of praise for his success and – obviously again – didn’t repeat the feat since, despite sitting on the potty naked several more time. But it did give me something to write in his baby book!

Mothers take pride in the most insignificant things…

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