Mr Brown can moo…

Can you?

That Dr. Seuss book is our boy’s favorite right now, but the most interesting thing is how he’s starting to remember the story and tell it too us when we’re reading it. When Zak reads the first part of the title: “Mr Brown can Moo…”, our son says the end “Can you?” The first time Zak and I looked at each other with this “Did he really say that?” look on our faces. But he did say that, and he repeated it again and again. When we turn to the page where there is the hippopotamus chewing gum, he makes the right sound “Grum, Grum, Grum!” (don’t ask… that’s how the story goes). In another book, he turns the page and goes “Stop!” because that’s what the character in the book says.

He baffles me every day!

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