Ding, Dong!

That’s the sound of the door bell that just rang tonight. The dog is here, visiting with Zak’s parents. He ran to the door sounding like a dozen hounds going after a… well, whatever hounds go after. Zak ran after him, trying to make him shush as our son had just gone to bed.

At the door was our elderly neighbor. She handed Zak a bag:

- Here is something for the baby. There’s something else that was already in the bag, if it’s not good anymore, throw it out.

-Err… Ok, said Zak, unsure of what to think. Merry Christmas!

He took the bag, said thanks and shut the door. What else could he do?

For the record, our neighbors have given us various stuff before, usually things that they don’t want anymore so they drop it on our porch, and that way we’re the ones stuck disposing of them. But this one takes the cake. In the bag (and I’m not kidding) was a toy made for birds (a series of plastic balls with bells inside, tied together so you can hang them up in a cage), and a half-eaten cucumber.

I think that any further comment would be superfluous. But I really wonder what went through her head.

2 Responses to “Ding, Dong!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    C’est un peu bizarre, là… La poubelle des voisins!!! Essaie de revendre ça sur Ebay… il paraît que c’est ce qu’il faut faire avec les cadeaux moches! C’est plutôt délicat… est-ce qu’ils vous ont donné AUSSI des choses utiles ou belles?

  2. Sophie Says:

    Non non, le sac ne contenait rien d’autre que le jouet pour oiseau et le demi concombre. Remarque, je suis convaincue que ma voisine pensait honnêtement que le jouet était pour les enfants… Elle voulait sûrement bien faire. Mais le concombre, là, vraiment, elle me perd!