Merry Christmas

… And a big thanks to Skype!

Last night, I was able to talk on camera with most of my immediate family in Quebec City. Elliot even opened his grandma’s present in front of her, and I opened the present my sister sent me. Then later on, my cousin (who I’m very close to) managed to install the Webcam that we bought her family for Christmas, so we were able to have a chat with them too. And this morning we talked to my best friend in Quebec, I called my aunt’s phone line with Skype… All that for (almost) free.

We are enjoying a nice, quiet day for Christmas. Elliot is napping after playing with his bike until he couldn’t stand straight anymore, and the adults are gorging and preparing more awesome food to gorge on. Good old Christmas fun!

Here are three photos: our son with his wrapped present (which has been his favorite toy ever since it came out of the closet), then halfway through unwrapping it, then unwrapped and ready to go.

Wrapped presentChristmas present

Christmas present

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Joyeux Noël, Sophie, Zak et Elliot!!!!