Let it Snow!

About 30 cm of snow fell on Vancouver yesterday. This morning, I walked in deep snow to get to work. It looks like Quebec City. It is absolutely beautiful!

Vancouver in itself is not the most beautiful of cities. In my opinion, its main appeal comes not from the city itself, but from what is around it: ocean, mountains, wild nature within reach… But on a day like today, the city is transformed and looks like the magical kingdom of a fairy tale. I love love love it!

I have never seen something like that here, as I have mentioned earlier. The temperature is not supposed to warm up significantly before Christmas (and it should snow again on Christmas Eve). It will be the first white Christmas in Vancouver since 1998. Hopefully Zak’s family makes it here tomorrow, in between two snow falls.

I can’t help but feel like I’m part of a historical event. I’m sure we’ll be talking about this Christmas for years to come, especially when our feet will be in 2 inches of rain puddles on Christmas Eve (or during the Olympics next winter). My only regret is that my son is not old enough to truly participate in the enthusiasm (he’s still not sure about the whole snow thing)  and he will not remember it.

Every night I go to bed, I take a long, hard look out my window for fear that it could be gone in the morning. That’s what usually happens: you wake up and during your sleep, the snow has turned to rain and melted everything into a slushy mess. It hasn’t happened yet, but eventually it will. And my real fear is that such a snow event could never happen again in these parts. Hopefully it won’t be the case, but with global warming, who knows if my son will again someday be lucky enough to play in so much snow downtown Vancouver?

In the meantime, Zak and him are stranded: they tried going out this morning, but even with our mega-stroller, there is no way he could navigate the sidewalks with so much snow. We need a sled!

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