First Snow

It snowed this weekend! We always get really excited when it snows here, because it’s unusual and snow rarely sticks to the ground for more than a few hours. So we jumped on the opportunity to show our son his first snow… Well, at least, the first he would be aware of. We were very enthusiastic, but apparently, things didn’t look as bright for our boy.


It may have had something to do with the huge suit he had to wear, which hampered his movements. Or it could  be his first slide down the hill with me, when his face got covered in snow. Either way, he wasn’t overly impressed with the white stuff. When we took him for another slide, this time on a much smaller scale, he didn’t cry or complain, but his only comment when we stopped was: “All done!”. I guess it says it all.

Elliot gets covered in snow

Zak tried again to get him to play in the snow yesterday with the same result. Hopefully that is only temporary puzzlement and it will be healed with time and a lot of communicating enthusiasm on our part. It is supposed to remain cold for the rest of the week and snow again before everything melts. Now if only we still had a dog! The only smile we got out of our boy on Sunday was when a dog came by, chasing its ball in the snow, happy as a clam with the white stuff.

Sigh! I guess we can’t have it all.

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