Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is fast approaching and my son is getting more and more hilarious every day! We had to move all the ornaments up a few inches in the tree after he pulled on them until they came off, but he wasn’t phased: he started putting his own toys in the tree to decorate it. Every morning, he points at the tree and says “flash-light”, the way he designates every light, to ask us to turn the Christmas lights on. He enjoyed his first taste of egg nog so much that it is now part of his vocabulary: no-nog. We took him to the Santa Claus Parade and he danced to the sound of the marching bands and neighed at the horses.

But the most hilarious adventure so far was his reaction to his Christmas present (still wrapped, of course). We bought him a run bike. It was in the closet for a while, but it was taking some valuable space, so Zak decided to wrap it up and put it under a tree. But how do you wrap a bike? He used some boxes we had and wrapped them up around it. He did a great job, wrapping a box around the handlebar and a big one around the weels and frame, using cardboard from other boxes to sceal everything together with lots of tape.

When we put that thing under the tree, however, our boy exclaimed “Bike!” and climbed up on it right away! Now, he has no clue that there is something in it. He just figures his dad built him a cardboard bike, which is what it looks like, and he’s happy with it! He pushes it around, sits on it, falls on his side (the box is flat on the bottom, but not wide, so when he lifts his legs up it’s not very stable).

Now, I’m sure he’ll like the content of the box even better. But we may have trouble for those few minutes when we’ll have to convince him to rip apart this wonderful toy as he won’t understand that there is something inside..

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