First Halloween…

Isn’t this the cutest chicken you ever did see?

Cutest chicken…

I guess technically this wasn’t our son’s first Halloween, but since last year he was barely aware of his existence at this point, it doesn’t really count.

So this year we went trick-or-treating to a few doors, and even though he won’t get to eat any of the things he collected, he discovered a very fun game: picking a candy and putting it in his bag. Knocking on the door was a lot of fun too, and when we gave up he kept pointing at other houses saying “door! door!” as to inform us that there were more doors we could go knock on.

We had a great time with our neighbours, and our son’s costume was a big hit. Since it’s the first time I try my hand at such a crafty thing (we got the instructions for the costume on Martha Stewart’s Website, of all places), I have to say I’m rather proud of myself. Well, Zak did the shoes. And I didn’t have time to sow the feather boas onto the jacket, so if you saw the inside of it you would know that it’s covered in safety pins. But you won’t, so I can pretend that I did a great job!

Despite my fears, no safety pin came undone, our boy did great for someone who stayed up an hour past his bed time, and we ended up with just enough candy to satisfy my craving without feeling too guilty. All in all, a success! I’d do it again…

2 Responses to “First Halloween…”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Wow, c’est toi qui a fait le costume? Tu es vraiment hot! Ça prenait bien le fait que tu aies un enfant pour te lancer en couture!

    J’ai pensé à toi à l’halloween : j’ai donné des sacs de pretzels aux enfants, qui sont tout de même moins pire pour la santé que les bonbons. Ça m’a fait pensé à ton questionnement de l’an passé… Aussi, quoique je n’en ai pas trouvé, là où j’enseigne, ils donnaient des jujubes faits de purée de fruits. Il y a du sucre, mais je trouvais l’idée bonne. C’est fait par Welch.

  2. Sophie Says:

    Ben n’exagérons pas… On a acheté le petit manteau blanc, je l’ai juste recouvert de boas de plumes attachés avec des épingles de sûreté et j’ai fabriqué la crête et je l’ai cousue. Rien de bien impressionnant… Enfin, pour moi c’était impressionnant, mais tu as fait bien mieux!