Hot topic

Last night, Zak was doing some dishes and supper was ready, so I grabbed the pan full of “lazy lasagna” in the oven and took it to the table after, of course, dutifully covering my hands with oven mitts. My son followed me, then ran back to the kitchen and pointed at the oven saying “chaud” (hot, in French… well, it sounds more like “so”, but we know what it means). He got a bit too close to the very hot oven so Zak felt the need to intervene: “It’s hot, you can’t touch it if you don’t have gloves.”

Not easily discouraged, my almost 15-month-old ran to the cycling bag, rummaged in and pulled out Zak’s cycling gloves (proving once again that he understands fully well what we’re saying). Then he ran back to the oven with the gloves on his hands and an air that said “Ok, Daddy, I’m ready now.”

We had to explain that those were not the right gloves and then let him put on the oven mitts and touch the oven with them on.

P.S… I always loved to read, on my cousins’ blogs, the cute or funny things that their kids said or did, longing for the day when my son would make me part of this select club of mums with cute or funny offspring. Well, I think I can safely say I’m in now! Thanks!

2 Responses to “Hot topic”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Bienvenue au club! :o )

    Tu as raison, ce petit moment te qualifie largement. C’est trop cute!

  2. Mireille Says:

    Contente de savoir que tu sais comment je me sens…