The end of the world

Last night was the election, and for a while it looked like the Conservatives were going to have a majority government. In the end they didn’t, but the fact is, noone wants an election for the next two years at least, so the Conservatives will be able to do whatever they want for at least that long. And that scares the hell out of me.

I don’t recognize myself in this government. I don’t share their priorities and their values. To quote no other than Sarah Palin (in a very different context), Stephen Harper sees a Canada that is very different from mine (or something like that). For the longest time, I didn’t have much of a vision of Canada anyway. The last time I cried about the result of a vote it was in 1995 when I voted for the separation of Quebec from Canada. It was my first vote, and losing it made me really depressed. Today, I am crying because I have to come to terms with the fact that lots of Canadians seem to agree with Stephen Harper.

It makes me want to move back to Quebec where, at least, people don’t vote Conservatives. Oh, wait… Where did I live again? Right, in Quebec City, where people just elected 3 Conservative MPs…

The worst thing for me, though, is the environment. I don’t understand how people can be so blind. We cannot afford to do nothing about the environment for another 2, 3, 4 years! We couldn’t afford to do nothing for the PAST 3 years. Call me crazy if you want, but I would like my son to have an Earth to walk on when he’s an adult. How can people not feel like that? How can they oppose a carbon tax that would help us heal the environment, if ever so slightly. How can people not see that their wallet will be emptier if the environment collapses than if they have to pay an extra cent per liter of gas?

Today, I am mourning my Earth. Because I have the feeling that when we do wake up and stop letting the Conservatives blind us with their American-style personal attacks, when we do realize that we need to do what Europe has already done to reduce our emissions and start fixing the damage we have done… When we do realize that what we needed is a Green Shift 10 years ago… That day, it may very well be too late.

And that is why today feels like the end of the world.

3 Responses to “The end of the world”

  1. Anne Says:

    Well, I feel pretty much the same way, and living in Québec and having elected a bloquiste doesn’t change that. The only thing positive for me is seing my children are really interested by what is going on. They say Dion lost so much because he talked too much about environnement. I wonder when it will be time to talk about it?

  2. Kerith Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m American. I watched in horror 8 years ago when George W. Bush was elected and in utter disbelief 4 years ago when he was re-elected. When I saw people jump on the Palin t bandwagon this year my heart sank. Who are these people I share citizenship with? How can they not understand the danger these people have put us in and continue to put us in? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in Canada, however, the minority government will do something to keep the social conservative agenda in check.

  3. Docteur Maman Says:

    Je partage bien sûr ton deuil. Moi qui étais devenue une souverainiste tiède, j’ai plus que jamais envie de me séparer.
    Comme mon amie Caroline, Kerith m’a rappelé que j’ai ri des américains quand ils ont ré-élu Bush il y a 4 ans. Difficile de rire maintenant, autrement que jaune…