Pumpkin Patch

Today we visited a patch of countryside less than 30 minutes away from our bustling city: the Country Pumpkin Patch, in Richmond. We had a wonderful time with some friends of ours despite the fact that there is some room for improvement.

First, their Website doesn’t work… Except when it does. Which seems to be random. And I was slightly disappointed by the farm animals that they have: 2 lamas, 2 miniature goats and 2 pigs. I thought there was a petting zoo, but I guess I must have read their site wrong. The price tag is a bit high ($10 per person, free for 2 and under, although some of the signs on the site say 3 and under, some 2 and under). But the price does include a pumpkin of your choice and a hay-ride.

Pumpkin PatchAll in all, we figure it was worth it. The main site has a stage with live, non-stop entertainment; a bit lame for adults, but pretty good for children and the music was not bad at all. There are tables for picnics, a few booths selling junk food and a tent full of hay, which older children were having fun playing in. At first, we thought that was it and we were really disappointed. Then we took the hay-ride (with live entertainment) to the pumpkin patch. The corn maze was not overly entertaining, but the pumpkin patch is huge and all of the pumpkin were perfect! Granted, they opened on Saturday and we went Sunday, so we were among the first. Last year, we went later in the season and the remaining pumpkins were all smashed or rotten. This time, we had our pick of small pumpkins, big pumpkins, orange, white, green pumpkins…

Our boy and the son of our friends had a good time dancing to the music and sitting on pumpkins. They will enjoy it more when they’re older, and we’re definitely going to go back. I love to seize any opportunity to show my son where his food comes from. This is a great place to go to enjoy a sunny fall day.

-Mommy, look at me, I swear I’ll manage to lift it!

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