Oh happy days!

Today, our son was happy. It’s only when Zakary mentioned how it had been a while since he had been that giggly that I realized how crappy his mood had been lately. In the last two weeks, he started being fussy at mealtime because he wanted to eat by himself with a spoon, and then eating very little because he can’t actually master the technique yet. He started waking up at night again, after 4 months of sleeping right through, and he stopped having the 2-hour nap we had gotten used to right after lunch. Instead, he would either fall asleep in the stroller or cry right through nap time, or wake up after a 30-minute nap with enough volume in his cry that we knew there was no way he was going back to sleep. He was tired and cranky, and so were we (a baby that wakes up at 4 every night will do that to you).

But two days ago he started eating well again, his sleep got much better and his smile came back. Today, we managed to do our weekly shopping at the farmer’s market and buy him some winter boots, then he slept in his stroller for more than 90 minutes (a miracle!), then after lunch we went for a bike ride, stopped at the park to let him play, came home, prepared supper, ate, and he was still giggling right through bed time. Weird. Wonderful!

Now that I think of it, I remember that it used to be like that every day! That baby used to laugh and giggle, instead of just fuss and whine. I don’t know what happened. Was it his tooth coming through that was bothering him? Was something else wrong with his health? Was it the lack of sleep? Or is it just the normal up-and-downs of a toddler’s life, fueled by the frustration of being able to think of things you want or want to do but not having the words to express them? In any case, tonight we are all nicely exercised and Zakary and I are thinking, with a smile on our face, that if every day was like that, parenthood wouldn’t be too hard after all!

Let’s enjoy it. You never know what tomorrow holds!

One Response to “Oh happy days!”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    C’est vrai ça, profitez-en bien!
    Tu viens de décrire une journée parfaite de parent, et je souhaite tout plein d’autres. :o )