Elections are coming…

The Canadian election is coming and I have a harder time than I wish deciding who to vote for.

I WILL vote. That much is certain. I don’t understand how some people can pass up the right to vote as if this was some unimportant chore that someone else can do for them. Voting gives you the right to complain about your leaders afterward if they’re doing bad. People have died around the world for the right to vote. All WE have to do is get informed beforehand, and then on voting day, get our asses off the couch and vote. That’s not too much to ask.

I am not voting for the Conservatives. That much is easy to decide. I think that Stephen Harper is a dangerous, scary man who sets Canada back years and years in terms of environmental and social policy. I am deeply ashamed of him and of his position on global warming and on crime, to name but a few. Just thinking that he could get a majority gives me hives. I just can’t stand this possibility!

Now who is left? Last election, I voted for the NDP because I really like their candidate, but this time, I’m not so sure. To be fair, I don’t know much about their candidate in my riding. But the NDP’s environmental policy is pretty much that of the Conservatives. And environmentalists around the world have shown that the cap-and-trade system (proned by the NDP) is not as effective as the Liberal’s carbon tax.

If I was in Quebec, I would probably vote for the Bloc Quebecois. But I’m not in Quebec. Enough said.

I would probably vote for the Liberals, even though I don’t like Dion much, because I really like the Green Shift idea an I think that the Liberals would best govern us at this time. The problem is, I really hate the candidate in my riding. She has been here forever, she hasn’t done anything, and last election I saw her at a town hall meeting and her personality really got on my nerves. She arrived (very) late, she acted like a diva… No thanks! She will probably win anyway, though. She always does, and by a landslide. Which means I don’t have to vote for her even though I want the Liberals to win. And that way I will still be able to live with myself the morning after.

The only choice left is the Greens. I don’t agree with some of their social policies, and frankly, I certainly wouldn’t want them to govern the country! But I figure a vote for the Greens would register as a vote for the environment. And that’s the main issue for me right now. I would like to have an Earth to pass on to my son. I really don’t get why people don’t figure this out: sure, the carbon tax may hurt the economy a bit (I’m not even sure that’s true, but let’s pretend it is). The planet’s implosion will hurt more than that, won’t it? We need to protect the Earth, or else there won’t be any economy left to complain about.

So I will most likely vote for the Greens, unless someone convinces me otherwise before next Tuesday. By the way,  have you noticed? Tuesday is a full moon. I wonder if Harper is superstitious. Maybe he figures superstitious people won’t want to bring about any change on a full moon. Hopefully we will surprise him. Because if he’s elected with a majority, I’m the one who will turn into a werewolf…

Maybe this time, if Obama is elected, it’s Canadians that will be moving to the States!

3 Responses to “Elections are coming…”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Ah oui, mince, si Harper est majoritaire et qu’Obama est élu aux États, moi aussi j’aurai peut-être le goût d’y déménager!
    Je comprends ton dilemme. Moi, pour la première fois de ma vie, et j’espère la seule, je vais voter libéral.
    Je suis dans la circonscription de Dion lui-même, et si je me souviens l’avoir détesté pour ses positions sur la souveraineté, je l’ai rencontré en tant que député et c’est un homme sympathique, intègre et à l’écoute de ses concitoyens. Wow, est-ce qu’on peut dire ça de beaucoup de politiciens? Et puis comme Michel me disait justement hier: si on le détestait tant, c’est justement parce qu’il avait des arguments intelligents à nous opposer, et ça c’est vraiment frustrant!
    Il est toujours élu les doigts dans le nez, et je vote toujours Bloc, mais là je pense à Harper majoritaire et… non, autant jouer safe: je vote pour Dion!

  2. sophie Says:

    Ouais… Je ne suis pas encore 100% sûre… Je pourrais encore voter Libéral moi aussi.

  3. Anne Says:

    On a voté il y a dix jours, et on n’a pas hésité. Le député sortant est bloquiste, il n’a pas fait de grosse gaffe et sera sûrement réélu, alors on est allé avec lui. On ne veut pas courir de risque de contribuer à l’élection de Harper en donnant notre vote à un petit parti. Et le conservateur ici est un épais de première, malhonnête en plus. Mais j’angoisse quand je pense à mardi soir. J’espère qu’il ne sera pas majoritaire. J’ai presque commencé à prier avant de me coucher…