Expanding brain

Every day, I am amazed by my son’s expending brain activity. His vocabulary is growing at the speed of light: to the early words like more, bike, ball, chapeau, maman and bye-bye, he has now added things like casque, book, tortue (we have a stuffed turtle that he likes), fish, beluga (can you tell we like the aquarium), etc. He can make the sound of many common animals when he sees them – cow, sheep, pig, cat, horse, duck and even rabbit (if you don’t know what sound a rabbit makes, ask Zak), although for some reason, dogs still tend to go moo. He also understands most of what we tell him : he runs enthusiastically to the bathroom when I ask him if he wants to take a bath, and he says yes or no when we ask him if he wants more of his meal (no) or a fruit (yes).

But he is also becoming more and more independant. He refuses to be fed and doesn’t want to eat with his fingers anymore, but with a fork or spoon. Of course, he cannot do it properly, so he simply doesn’t eat (and wakes up early and hungry). He challenges our authority when we ask him to stop drawing on the furniture and looks at me to see if I’m watching before taking his crayons away from the table where he knows they are supposed to stay. He likes to climb to everything and seems decided to kill himself before his second birthday.

Really, if he’s driving us slightly crazy, it’s only because he’s smart and testing the limits of his newfound abilities… Right? Tell me I’m right!

One Response to “Expanding brain”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Tout à fait! Et plus il est tannant… euh, créatif, plus ça démontre son intelligence!
    Pour la nourriture, ils ont vraiment chacun leurs préférences (Philémon voudrait encore que je le fasse manger, s’il avait le choix!) mais comme tu es tombée sur le modèle qui veut manger tout seul mais pas avec ses mains (il est très, très intelligent ton fils!), tu devras faire preuve de débrouillardise pour l’empêcher de mourir de faim! ;o)