Of fever and teeth…

For as long as there have been doctors and babies, parents have been saying that their babies have a fever when they are teething and doctors have been saying that the two things aren’t related and that if babies have a fever it means they have a virus. They may also be cutting a tooth, but the two things are separate events.

Now, our boy has a fever. And he is cutting a tooth. I would tend to think that the two events are not related, as we have never noticed anything of the sort when he got his previous 6 teeth. But the fever started last night out of nowhere. He has been so irritable that he threw up from crying too much last night, and his attitude has been the same today so far. He woke up at 2:30 last night (he hadn’t done that in weeks, maybe even months) and again at 5:30. We put him down for a morning nap and he had the worse sleep ever.

Needless to say, all three of us are exhausted by now. And we have no clue what is wrong with our baby, except that he has a fever and the he is obviously miserable. Well, he’s finally sleeping again, so maybe he’ll feel a bit better after that. Let’s be hopeful!

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