A great idea

A few months ago, Zak stumbled, on MSN, on a guy he used to work with years ago. We chatted a bit, and we were amazed by the similarities between our two families as they had had a baby in October of last year and their interests seem quite similar to ours. They also have a blog, which I have been reading since. And today, I stumbled upon a post giving suggestions of presents to buy for their baby’s first birthday. I swear, I could have written that post (although maybe not as eloquently). It was almost freaky. There were a few lines in particular, though, that I want to re-post here because I feel that they express my exact thoughts in a much better way than I could have done it (note that I removed the name of the baby for privacy reasons).

“Probably the best gift of all considering how far we are from so many friends and family members is your presence. So feel free to put a bit of money aside for a trip to visit us sometime in the future and consider that your gift. It might take several birthdays to save up enough with gas prices the way they are, but our daughter will appreciate it even more when she’s 10 than when she’s 1.”

Well said! Feel free to use that principle at Christmas too!

2 Responses to “A great idea”

  1. Docteur Maman Says:

    Je vais me prévaloir de cette suggestion avec plaisir! D’ici à sa majorité, si vous êtes toujours au même endroit et non encore plus loin, je pourrai sans doute venir vous rendre visite. :o )

  2. Kerith Says:

    Wow! Thanks! I lost your blog url and I’m so glad you commented the other day so I could find you guys on your internet home again :) We should get together in real life sometime to chat and watch the babies attempt to play :)