Koodos for Mother-Ease

I’m not sure if I mentioned Mother-Ease in my post about cloth diapering. But I am starting to think it is the best company ever!

First, they do amazing diapers. Everyone that I know who tried them have rated them as the best diapers ever. They work so much better than disposable diapers! They never leak, they are resistant and easy to wash… Simply put, an amazing product that makes your life easier. And they are made in Canada (Ontario), which is always a perk, by what started out as a small family company.

The company also gives some of the best customer service in the modern world. Their Web site is not always up to date, but their staff is friendly on the phone, they ship orders quickly (I received my diapers within a week of ordering them) and they accommodate special requests when customers want something slightly different from their usual packages. This week, though, in my opinion, they reached a new high.

When I bought my diapers, they were among the first bamboo diapers available. It was a new product, and after a few months people started complaining that the fabric binding, on the diapers, was fraying and tearing. Mother-Ease replaced every single defective diaper after finding a new binding that was as resistant as the rest of the diaper. My diapers seemed fine at the time, though, so I didn’t worry.

This week, after a year of continuous use, I realized that most of my diapers were tearing on the binding, just like the other diapers several months ago. I was worried that Mother-Ease may not want to replace my diapers, as they have seen a lot of use. Let’s face it: if you bought a shirt and it started tearing a year later, any company you complained to would only laugh at your dismay. Not Mother-Ease. They claim that their diapers will take you from birth to potty-training with your child, and they mean it (actually, according to their customers, they will be good for several children).

I emailed them, and the next day they replied that they were sending me replacements for every single one of my diapers, even the ones that still look fine. They are not taking any chances. They are even sending a prepaid shipping label so I can return my used, torn diapers free of charge. They know, of course, that mothers talk about their diapers and that word of mouth is their best publicity. And they are right, aren’t they? I heard of them through a neighbor, and I advertised them to at least 2 or 3 other mothers that didn’t know about them. But I have no qualms about spreading that good news. I believe in this product, and after my last experience, I will also spread the word about their amazing customer service.

Now, if they had known about the effects a whole summer of my son eating blueberries had on those diapers, they may not have asked for them back… I am looking forward to a whole new stack of soft, stain-free diapers to replace my old stash. I’m a happy customer and a happy camper.

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