Our Son is Trouble!

In an effort to give our son a place to sit and draw (and therefore encourage his budding creativity), we went to Ikea last weekend and bought a small table and two chairs. We bought plastic even though it goes against our principles, being made of non-renewable material and all, as the wood ones didn’t seem like they would withstand much. It took Elliot a few tries at the store, but he soon figured out how to sit on those chairs (even though they are a bit too tall for him still).

After putting them together, Zak went upstairs and I turned my attention to the computer for all of a minute. When Zak came back down, he yelled our son’s name, which made me turn around. The little cowboy was not sitting at the table like a good 13-month-old BABY should be, no! He was on all fours, ON TOP of the table. How did he do that when a few hours before he couldn’t even climb on the chair? Don’t ask me. I didn’t see him do it. But I guess we’ll have to watch him carefully from now on!

He loves sitting on the chairs and he has been drawing a bit, enough to make sure that the table is as covered in crayon as the paper is. He is also very happy with the rocking moose we got him (wood this time), and which he managed to climb on too despite it being a bit too tall for him. Falls are a-coming, I know! But it seems like there’s just no way to avoid it. Boys will be boys, they say…

2 Responses to “Our Son is Trouble!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Aurais-tu un enfant digne de Nana?? Remarque… je pense que Nana aurait été debout sur une chaise sur la table!!!

  2. Docteur Maman Says:

    Je suis d’accord, ce ne sont pas seulement les garçons qui seront boys! Ophélie était tellement casse-cou que nous lui avions fabriqué un casque en mousse (sur lequel je dessinais une cicatrice chaque fois qu’elle tombait sur la tête – après une semaine il en était plein!). D’ailleurs, je crois qu’on peut maintenant en acheter des tout faits… je le conseille fortement!