When babies become useful

This morning I was getting my son ready to go outside. I had one of his shoes but couldn’t find the other one. Without expecting any result, I looked at him and said: “Where is your other shoe?” He looked at me with a big smile, reached into his toy basket and handed me his other shoe. Wow! Not only did he understand that I was looking for the shoe, he also remembered where he had put it about an hour ago! At not quite 14 months, it’s not bad at all!

A great idea

A few months ago, Zak stumbled, on MSN, on a guy he used to work with years ago. We chatted a bit, and we were amazed by the similarities between our two families as they had had a baby in October of last year and their interests seem quite similar to ours. They also have a blog, which I have been reading since. And today, I stumbled upon a post giving suggestions of presents to buy for their baby’s first birthday. I swear, I could have written that post (although maybe not as eloquently). It was almost freaky. There were a few lines in particular, though, that I want to re-post here because I feel that they express my exact thoughts in a much better way than I could have done it (note that I removed the name of the baby for privacy reasons).

“Probably the best gift of all considering how far we are from so many friends and family members is your presence. So feel free to put a bit of money aside for a trip to visit us sometime in the future and consider that your gift. It might take several birthdays to save up enough with gas prices the way they are, but our daughter will appreciate it even more when she’s 10 than when she’s 1.”

Well said! Feel free to use that principle at Christmas too!

Of fever and teeth…

For as long as there have been doctors and babies, parents have been saying that their babies have a fever when they are teething and doctors have been saying that the two things aren’t related and that if babies have a fever it means they have a virus. They may also be cutting a tooth, but the two things are separate events.

Now, our boy has a fever. And he is cutting a tooth. I would tend to think that the two events are not related, as we have never noticed anything of the sort when he got his previous 6 teeth. But the fever started last night out of nowhere. He has been so irritable that he threw up from crying too much last night, and his attitude has been the same today so far. He woke up at 2:30 last night (he hadn’t done that in weeks, maybe even months) and again at 5:30. We put him down for a morning nap and he had the worse sleep ever.

Needless to say, all three of us are exhausted by now. And we have no clue what is wrong with our baby, except that he has a fever and the he is obviously miserable. Well, he’s finally sleeping again, so maybe he’ll feel a bit better after that. Let’s be hopeful!

Koodos for Mother-Ease

I’m not sure if I mentioned Mother-Ease in my post about cloth diapering. But I am starting to think it is the best company ever!

First, they do amazing diapers. Everyone that I know who tried them have rated them as the best diapers ever. They work so much better than disposable diapers! They never leak, they are resistant and easy to wash… Simply put, an amazing product that makes your life easier. And they are made in Canada (Ontario), which is always a perk, by what started out as a small family company.

The company also gives some of the best customer service in the modern world. Their Web site is not always up to date, but their staff is friendly on the phone, they ship orders quickly (I received my diapers within a week of ordering them) and they accommodate special requests when customers want something slightly different from their usual packages. This week, though, in my opinion, they reached a new high.

When I bought my diapers, they were among the first bamboo diapers available. It was a new product, and after a few months people started complaining that the fabric binding, on the diapers, was fraying and tearing. Mother-Ease replaced every single defective diaper after finding a new binding that was as resistant as the rest of the diaper. My diapers seemed fine at the time, though, so I didn’t worry.

This week, after a year of continuous use, I realized that most of my diapers were tearing on the binding, just like the other diapers several months ago. I was worried that Mother-Ease may not want to replace my diapers, as they have seen a lot of use. Let’s face it: if you bought a shirt and it started tearing a year later, any company you complained to would only laugh at your dismay. Not Mother-Ease. They claim that their diapers will take you from birth to potty-training with your child, and they mean it (actually, according to their customers, they will be good for several children).

I emailed them, and the next day they replied that they were sending me replacements for every single one of my diapers, even the ones that still look fine. They are not taking any chances. They are even sending a prepaid shipping label so I can return my used, torn diapers free of charge. They know, of course, that mothers talk about their diapers and that word of mouth is their best publicity. And they are right, aren’t they? I heard of them through a neighbor, and I advertised them to at least 2 or 3 other mothers that didn’t know about them. But I have no qualms about spreading that good news. I believe in this product, and after my last experience, I will also spread the word about their amazing customer service.

Now, if they had known about the effects a whole summer of my son eating blueberries had on those diapers, they may not have asked for them back… I am looking forward to a whole new stack of soft, stain-free diapers to replace my old stash. I’m a happy customer and a happy camper.

Our Son is Trouble!

In an effort to give our son a place to sit and draw (and therefore encourage his budding creativity), we went to Ikea last weekend and bought a small table and two chairs. We bought plastic even though it goes against our principles, being made of non-renewable material and all, as the wood ones didn’t seem like they would withstand much. It took Elliot a few tries at the store, but he soon figured out how to sit on those chairs (even though they are a bit too tall for him still).

After putting them together, Zak went upstairs and I turned my attention to the computer for all of a minute. When Zak came back down, he yelled our son’s name, which made me turn around. The little cowboy was not sitting at the table like a good 13-month-old BABY should be, no! He was on all fours, ON TOP of the table. How did he do that when a few hours before he couldn’t even climb on the chair? Don’t ask me. I didn’t see him do it. But I guess we’ll have to watch him carefully from now on!

He loves sitting on the chairs and he has been drawing a bit, enough to make sure that the table is as covered in crayon as the paper is. He is also very happy with the rocking moose we got him (wood this time), and which he managed to climb on too despite it being a bit too tall for him. Falls are a-coming, I know! But it seems like there’s just no way to avoid it. Boys will be boys, they say…

Love in a small package

Last night, I arrived from work as usual, but when I looked up to our living room window from the street level, I saw my little boy standing by the window and looking down on me. I waved bye-bye, but as soon as he saw me his face turned from a smile to a frown. I raced upstairs, but according to Zak my baby had time to break up in tears and despair. I guess he couldn’t understand that seeing me there meant I was arriving, all he knew was that he hadn’t seen his mummy for several hours and he just remembered my existence and absence.

I received, however, the warmest welcome one can imagine. He came to me shouting “Maman!”, climbed into my arms and hugged me so, so tight! Then he started kissing me all over the face (wet, mouth-open kisses, of course), then hugging me some more. I have to say, this was definitely the highlight of my day! We had a good laugh together, then he had some mummy milk, and then the crisis was averted. But if I ever had a doubt about whether or not I remain important into my baby’s life even though I’m back at work, here was my answer!