Time to take a deep breath

Elliot is doing much better. It’s amazing the difference. Yesterday, he started laughing again, which made us realize that we hadn’t heard that sweet sound in a few days. And this morning, he ate happily and didn’t fuss at all. We have our baby back! Seriously, I couldn’t recognize him anymore. My sweet, happy-going baby had turned into a fussy toddler who wouldn’t crack a smile despite all of our efforts. Let’s hope that it is not a preview of the terrible twos (or of his teenage years)!

Now that he’s his old self again, we have to get back on track with getting him used to his new routine. Oh, and one much forgotten task: getting ME used to a new routine. I have only two more days with my family before I go back to work. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the actual fact of what it’s going to be like. As much as I like my work (thank God!), the idea of being back into the 8 to 4 routine that won’t allow me to share Elliot’s every minute still hurts inside. I can’t imagine what it must be for stay-at-home moms on the first day of school!

Anyway, between Sherpa’s departure (that we haven’t had much time to grieve yet) and Elliot’s sickness, it’s been quite the last week for me and the first week for Zak. We are hoping to go for a nice hike tomorrow to celebrate my last day of freedom. And today we are still on the hunt for a bicyle – that is a long story but we have been hunting all week now, in between Elliot’s naps and bouts of fussiness. We are hoping that a bike, coupled with our Chariot, will be Zak’s ticket to freedom with (or despite) his baby…But buying bikes is even more complicated than buying baby gear (!!!). New or used? Good so it’s easier to ride, or cheap so we don’t lose our shirt if (when?) it gets stolen?

After all, I think I won’t have much time to breathe today again…

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