Ever heard of Roseola? Well, then, I bet you have kids…

Monday afternoon, after our baby’s nap, we noticed how warm he was and took his temperature. It went from 38.3 to 38.7, at which point we gave him tylenol. After 5 days of sleeping through the night, I had to take his temperature at midnight and wake him up to feed him (making sure he stayed hydrated) and give him another dose of Tylenol. The fever went down a bit on Tuesday, then up again in the evening, then really subsided Wednesday afternoon. We figured he had fought one of the 7 to 12 viruses an average toddler gets every year and survived it. Done.

Thursday, we went shopping, came home late for lunch and ended up with a major meltdown from our baby. The worst I had seen in a long while. Even after his nap he was super cranky. We noticed a weird rash developing on his tummy in the evening, but as he often has rashes and they come and go, we didn’t worry. We thought the crankiness was from the change in routine, as we are trying to wean him from the breast during the day (I’m going back to work on Tuesday) and Zak has been putting him to bed for naps instead of me.We thought a good night of sleep would help.

This morning, though our son was still super cranky and the rash was getting worse. I opened the BC Health Guide on the “guess what this rash means” page and Eureka! Our boy has Roseola. He has every single symptom to a T: 2 to 3 days of fever followed by a rash on the torso, back, arms, face… Lack of appetite, crankiness (!!!)… It’s good to know that there is a reason to his crankiness. Zak, who was already wondering why on Earth he had decided to quit his job and stay home, was definitely encouraged. Then after supper, our boy obviously started feeling better and his laugh came back. What relief!

So hopefully he’ll sleep well and be back to his normal self tomorrow. Then we’ll have to really get on to the day weaning (fear of dehydration and need of antibodies for combatting an actual virus got the best of us and we caved in to his demands today again). I also should disappear for a few hours while he’s awake during the day to get him used to it. It’s cutting it pretty close to the deadline, but eh, we didn’t plan this. What a first week for Zak (and a last one for me!)…

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