Brain Building…

I’m sure every first-time parent goes through this phase, but lately I have simply been fascinated with the way my baby is evolving. He started saying words, then yesterday for the first time he recognized a drawing in a book and identified it (well, it was a dog and he made his sound for cat, but still, that’s pretty darn close). He can now point his way through most wants and needs. He is associating objects with their function (trying to put shoes on his feet, clothes over his head, etc.).

I guess what is fascinating is how fast those changes are occurring. I won’t even comment on the fact that a year ago my boy wasn’t even born… But 4 or 5 months ago he was still a newborn with very limited control over his body. Just in the last month, he has mastered walking, has started saying words and using them properly, waves and says bye-bye, points at the food he wants (and shakes his head no to the food he doesn’t want), understands when I ask him if he wants some milk… His playing with us is becoming more complicated than peek-a-boo as he will now chase and like being chased, try to brush our teeth with the toothbrush or feed us his food, etc. And he started blowing raspberries on our tummy!

About a month ago, we took out the harmonica and played it for him. He loved it and wanted to put his mouth on it, but couldn’t make a sound as he didn’t understand how. Yesterday, he managed to blow in it to make music, and then when I put it away (against his wish) he started pointing at it while blowing air through his lips. It’s small things like that that amaze me. He is 11 months old and already making cognitive links that most animals would never be able to make. Aren’t humans amazing?

All cynics should be having kids. It’s a good remedy.

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