Back in Business

After almost a month of various traveling (a week on Horby Island with Zak’s family, then a few days home and another 2 weeks in Québec with my family) we are finally back home and ready to write… We had a great time on Hornby, although the nature of this holiday has changed: it used to be a very relaxing time spent in a nice cabin by the beach. This year it was more: trying to fit one activity a day in between our baby’s naps and spending the rest of the time trying to stop him from destroying the cabin (or cracking his head open).

Quebec also went well, although our son’s sleep pattern took a turn for the worse while we were there, forcing me to wake up every 2-3 hours and therefore rest a lot more than we were hoping for during the day. We still managed to see a few things related to Quebec City’s 400th anniversary, see my entire family as well as my best friend and visit the biodome in Montreal. You should have seen our baby’s face when a bird flew right in front of his eyes. Wow! Granted, a lot of things, these days, are Wow!

Our boy also started walking. He took a few steps before we left, managed to get a lot more steps in a row in the beginning of our trip, then at the airport on our way back, started walking of his own accord, if only for short distances. He is extremely wobbly and needs constant supervision when standing, and he still prefers to crawl most of the time, but the progresses he makes every day are amazing.

He started talking, too, although it sucks to admit that his first word is a hiss… To make a long story short, when our cat is a bad boy (which happens a lot), we have the habit of hissing at him which scares him and makes him stop the bad behaviour (if we’re lucky). Well, during our trip, our son started hissing every time he sees a cat. It is the first consistant use of a sound to designate something, so we had to count this as his first word. The day we came back, he also went ball crazy, chasing every single ball he could find in our living room (and there are lots as we have a dog, too) yelling “ba!”. So “ball” will remain in the archives as his second word. Some kids start with Mom or Dad, but Eh! You got to have your priorities!

So that’s for a very summarized summary of what is going on in our lives. Hopefully I will get back on the bandwagon and write regularly from now on, at least for the next two weeks. Because believe it or not, my mat leave is almost over. It seems to me like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to this small, clueless creature that couldn’t do much more than drink, sleep and poop (at times even breathing seemed like a hard task). Now he is about to turn one, he is on the move, getting smarter (and more handsome, of course) every day, and I have to go back to work. The official date is August 5, the Tuesday after BC Day. On this day Zak will officially take over the house and the baby. Hopefully he won’t regret his decision! Hopefully I will be able to adjust back into my job. Oh, well! Time will tell!

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