When a baby is born, you start giving and for a while, you don’t receive anything back. Which I guess is why the first smile and the first giggle stay etched in our memory, since they are the first proofs that this little bundle of joy (or rather poop, spit-up and tears) actually likes being around us. Then there is the first time that my baby crawled all the way up to me and up into my arms and laid his head onto my shoulder for a cuddle. That was cool, too! These were the rewards I had been looking forward to.

Now this weekend our son started giving kisses. Not too surprising since we must have given him about seven hundred thousands of those. He’s just imitating us. And he hasn’t figured out yet how to give an actual kiss, he just puts his open mouth onto our cheek and transfers some slobber. But it’s really cute. And he does it every time we ask for a kissy. And we love it. Even if it’s gross by most people’s standards… But eh, we’re parents. We’ve cleaned up his tears, his spit-up and his poop. A little bit of slobber is not going to stop us from enjoying baby kisses!

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