Baby Bedtime Bliss

Not so long ago I would have laughed at the thought of associating the three words of this title. Not anymore. Thanks mostly to Zak on that one…

About a couple months ago, we decided that we really needed to try putting Elliot to bed awake. Actually, he sometimes went to bed awake, but I was breast-feeding him right before bed. Sometimes it put him to sleep, sometimes not, and if not it meant putting up with some crying before he fell asleep. But we wanted to change that routine, among other things so we could brush his teeth AFTER he was done with milk. I tried a few times putting him to bed without the breast, but he would have none of it. I always had a really hard time resisting him when he’s crying. I called in the reinforcements.

Zak succeeded pretty much right away (probably because of his that’s-how-we-do-it-from-now-on-and-it’s-going-to-work attitude). After the bedtime routine of change the diaper, brush the teeth, wash the face, put on the pajamas and put on the sleep sack, Daddy would cuddle with his baby on the tune of his bedtime music, and then put him to bed. And to my utter amazement, it worked. At first, Elliot would sometimes cry for a few minutes, although never for long. Soon, he stopped crying altogether.

Today, Zak had to work late so I was going the one to put Elliot to bed. I dreaded this moment a bit, thinking if he really asks for it, I can just breast-feed him, it doesn’t matter too much for one night, and he’ll get back into his usual routine tomorrow. I followed our routine as usual, then cuddled with him like his daddy does. That’s when the real bliss came. Elliot just put his head on my shoulder, hugging me with his little arms. My beautiful, sweet, soft, warm and cuddly baby was resting against me, his breathing becoming slower, more regular. I could tell his eyes were closing. He was calm. No crying, no nudging in my neck or biting of my shoulder to ask for the breast. I hummed the tune in his ear, caressing his head and his back, savoring the moment.

In 15 years, when he’s a zitty teenager who does nothing but grunt, eat and refuse to wear clean clothes, I’ll still cherish these five minutes. This night when he literally melted in my arms, obliterating all of his and my worries, trusting me to his sleep, to his life… My sweet, sweet little boy.

Now I’m jealous of Zak who does that every night! We’ll have to reverse the roles when I go back to work so I can get my blissful bedtime moment with Elliot…

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  1. baby bedtime Says:

    A sweet story. I hope my child stays a baby forever!

  2. Homer Conley Says: