What’s up with the weather (again)?

Last night, I had to turn the heat back on in our baby’s room. It was chilly and his hands were quite cold when I went to feed him at 3 am. Not sure exactly how low the temperature was outside, but it barely went over 10 during the day, with lots of rain.

Yesterday, in Ontario, the temperature went up to 41 degrees in some places. In Montreal, my mother was complaining about this intense heat wave. Even in a tank top, she said, we’re sweating like pigs (well, ok, she didn’t quite put it like that, it’s only my interpretation).

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll take 8 degrees weather over 41 any day. But isn’t it unusual to be heating in June? I admit that I am looking forward to being able to leave the house without having to layer sweaters and jackets onto my son. Not to mention that I bought him some really cute sandals he hasn’t had a chance to wear yet…

Oh well… As long as noone gives me their “And they say there is global warming” crap, I’ll still be happy!

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