The laughter of a child

Many parents feel some sort of epiphany when their baby smiles at them for the first time. I don’t even remember that first time; our son had been doing involuntary smiles for a while, so I didn’t differentiate his first “real” smile from the earlier ones. His first giggle, however, is etched in my memory. It filled me with pure joy.

Ever since that day, I strive to make my baby laugh. And when Zak makes him giggle, a smile comes to my face as well. There is just something so special about making a baby laugh. I guess it’s because it means he’s happy. Maybe not all the time, but in that instant, you must be doing something right since you’re making him laugh. The things that make him laugh change all the time, from playing peek-a-boo to tickling him in the neck to playing “I’m gonna catch you!”… And finding out what will make him laugh on any given day is definitely part of the fun of being a parent.

I can’t help but feel that real neglect for a child must start when you stop wanting to make him giggle. When you just don’t care enough anymore…

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