We’re going!

We have finally been able to purchase a ticket home from Quebec, which means our little family will really be able to go East for two weeks. It will be wonderful and I am really looking forward to my family meeting my little tornado of a baby. However, he has little time left now to start walking. Yeah, I told everyone in Quebec a long time ago that if things kept going the way they were started, he would surely be walking before we visited. But although he has been crawling since he’s 7,5 weeks, he still needs the tiniest of support to keep his balance when he’s standing. So we’ll have to start seriously training him until our departure!

Just kidding, of course. We’re going… That’s all that counts!

One Response to “We’re going!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je suis bien contente pour toi!!! Il pourra bien connaître les familles, ce petit!!