A little known truth about sesame seeds

Yesterday we were gone pretty much all day. When we came back home, the first thing we did was take the dog for a walk. When he did his business, I noticed something weird-looking in his poop (by the way, this post is not for the faint of heart)… I asked Zak what he thought that could be. Like me, he thought it looked an awful lot like sesame seeds. But then, our dog doesn’t eat sesame seeds, so what could it be?

When we came back home and made our way into the kitchen, we found a big bag of sesame seeds on the floor. It had fallen from the pantry and been ripped open and partially devoured. There were sesame seeds all over the place and a large cluster of them in the dog’s water bowl. So here was the deed and the culprit, well identified. We took the dog out again later that afternoon, and he had three more sesame seed poops – it was actually pure sesame seeds, pretty much impossible to pick up – hopefully local birds love slightly flavored sesame seeds. The same pattern happened again before bed time.

Strangely, even though we didn’t pick up the sesame seeds from the floor right away, the dog hasn’t tried to eat any more. I guess it’s just like with us humans: when we eat so much of one thing that it makes us sick, we usually don’t want to see that food again for a while. Well, I hope he learned his lesson… And I’m glad to see that sesame seeds are not poisonous to dogs. A bit fatty, maybe, and not exactly digestible. But obviously not poisonous.

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