Half way there

I really want to go back to Quebec before the end of my year of mat leave. With Zak now officially replacing me at home in August, our income will drop enormously and we will have to change a lot of things in the way we live. That also means I may not be able to go back home twice a year like I have been doing in the almost 6 years I’ve lived in BC. It sucks, because I would really like my son to know my side of the family and his umpteen second cousins. I want him to have the same chance I had to run around the house with 5 other children during a big party, listen to his uncle play guitar and sing, be passed from arm to arm by aunts and cousins, etc. But we also have to be realistic and travelling as a family of 2 or 3 is expensive.

We do want to go this summer, though, and bank a lot of memory in case we cannot go at Christmas. Which is why we have been checking the price of plane tickets worrily lately. Finally, this morning, we found some cheap tickets for the way there. All 3 of us are booked on a plane, destination Montreal. All we have to do is find a way to come home. At the current price, we’ll be walking. Let’s just hope there’s a ticket sale before that, because it’s a long walk!

2 Responses to “Half way there”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je comprends tes préoccupations, et je te souhaite de voir ton fils régulièrement en contact avec la famille!!! J’en ai de bons souvenirs aussi.

  2. sophie Says:

    Merci… Ça doit être encore plus dur pour toi qui ne peux pas revenir bien souvent. Nous on va essayer de continuer de faire le voyage une fois l’an, même s’il faut se serrer la ceinture. Enfin, on verra!