Free to good home

Today we posted an ad to try and get rid of our TV. We are actually hoping to sell it, but we have limited confidence in its selling potential in this era of flat screens. If it doesn’t sell, it will most likely end up at the thrift store. And we will not cry over it!

In the last 9 months, we have watched one show live (and it wasn’t worth it), taped one (that I watched only partially before giving up) and watched just last week another tape we had brought back from Quebec at Christmas. We decided that this use didn’t justify the $20 a month we pay for cable. Of course, no cable means no more TV at all. We don’t get any channel without cable. Nothing. But that’s just fine. Our computer screen is as big as our TV. We can still rent DVDs. And we have just discovered that we can watch our favorite shows online.

Our TV has thus become an enormous paper press, hence the need to get rid of it. That will free space for more important things (like baby toys, I’m afraid). If you live in Vancouver and want a 20 inch Toshiba TV for cheap, drop us a note.

Some day, when our boy is older, if TV still exists (and hasn’t been rendered completely obsolete by the internet), we may consider buying a flat screen TV that will take much less space. For now, selling our TV is the best way to stay away from possible addictions to reality TV shows and Baby Einstein videos. We’re getting rid of the temptation, therefore ensuring that we will find other ways to keep our family busy. And so far, busy we sure are. Sure, we are taking the risk of our son becoming ostracized for his lack of knowledge of the pop culture. But I suspect he’ll get to watch way enough TV at his friends to keep in touch with such priorities as Britney Spears’ last hair cut.

Now if only we could get rid of our cat the same way…

2 Responses to “Free to good home”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Pense à ce pauvre Elliot qui se fera regarder bizarrement à l’école comme ce pauvre petit dont les parents n’ont même pas la télévision!!! Parents indignes!!! ;) )

  2. sophie Says:

    Bof, je souçonne qu’il va aller regarder la télé chez les voisins. Et un très grand nombre d’émissions sont maintenant accessibles sur Internet, mais il devra alors choisir entre regarder la télé ou jouer à l’ordinateur… Et puis Zak a grandi sans télé et même si oui, on a ri de lui parce qu’il n’avait pas de télé, aujourd’hui il est bien content d’avoir passé autant de temps à jouer dehors ou à faire autre chose. Et il a très bien survécu!